Three and Four Season Rooms

If you are looking for a great way to give your home a new space while also boosting its property value, then season rooms are the way to go. These rooms are usually given floor-to-ceiling windows that open the room up to natural sunlight. Here in Brevard County, you know how beautiful natural sunlight can be, so taking advantage of that is important. Take advantage of this chance and schedule an appointment with our team about building and installing a Three or Four Season Sunroom today!

Season rooms come in two different types: three and four. If you are unsure about which one you would like to have installed on your home, give our experts here at Lafferty’s Aluminum and Screening a call today! We will give you all the information you need to know about these installations, from which one would be right for you and your home to actually building and installing it. 

The Difference Between Three and Four Season Sunrooms

On an aesthetic level, three and four season sunrooms are very similar to each other. They both feature floor-to-ceiling windows and are very spacious. However, the important distinction between the both of them is the ability to control the temperature. In a Four Season Sunroom, you have access to air conditioning and are able to adjust the temperature depending on how hot or cold the room is. You are not able to do that in a Three Season Sunroom, even though you can get a ceiling fan installed in such a room.

This means that Three and Four Season Sunrooms are respectively made for different types of people. Here at Lafferty’s, we recommend that native Floridians get the Four Season Sunroom. That is because they will be able to use the room in the wintertime, just with the benefit of adding heated air to warm them up. We also recommend Three Season Rooms for those who have vacation homes here in Brevard County. Usually, these “snowbirds” are used to weather such as the ones we Floridians often struggle with. If they visit their home in the summertime, they can use their overhead fan to cool themselves off.

If you need help in deciding whether a Three Season or a Four Season Room is right for you, feel free to contact our team of experts here at Lafferty’s Aluminum and Screening today!

Why Add a Season Room?

Three or Four Season Rooms offer a plethora of different opportunities and purposes. If you have an idea for a sunroom, you will probably be able to accomplish it. Here at Lafferty’s Aluminum and Screening, we will be able to give you the best sunroom for whatever you want to use it for. 

If you are still unsure of how you want to utilize a Season Room, however, we have a couple of ideas:

  • Greenrooms
    • As previously mentioned, solariums and even other types of sunrooms can be a great place to begin your gardening dreams. The natural light and heating provides the perfect growing and planting space for whatever you are planting.
  • Living Spaces
    • Some nights, the weather is just perfect. Why not embrace that with a sunroom? Bring the family outside to stargaze or have friends over to enjoy a lovely cookout. You can even sit out by yourself and read a good book to reconnect with nature.
  • Workout Rooms
    • Whether you like working out in the morning or in the evening, a sunroom can provide a safe and reliable place to complete your daily rituals. Bring out your workout equipment, do some sunrise yoga, or even just meditate. Whatever your workout routine is, it’ll benefit from a sunroom.
  • Offices
    • Natural sunlight has been proven to increase productivity. In a time where more people are working from home than ever, a sunroom can help brighten your day, both figuratively and literally! Use your sunroom as an office free from distractions in order to get your best work done.
  • Playrooms
    • Being able to play is a key factor in the growth and development of a child. Add some Vitamin D into the mix, and your sunroom can be the hottest spot for your kids to hold playdates. The spacious area allows for freedom to roam, while also keeping your children within a watchful eye. 

Another benefit of having a Season Room is that these rooms also increase the square footage of your home. This, in turn, increases the long-term worth of your house. 

There is also the chance the addition of a Three or Four Season Sunroom can reduce your overall electricity bill. This is because the natural lighting and temperature control can cause a reduced need to use artificial lights. Another unique benefit of sunrooms is that the easy access to natural light can help with:

  • Stress
    • Those with Seasonal Affective Disorder report feeling better with exposure to natural light.
  • Cholesterol
    • Natural sunlight can help lower cholesterol.
  • Blood Pressure
    • Thanks to natural light, your body can loosen tensions, causing blood pressure to alleviate as well.
  • Immune Systems
    • White blood cells can increase with the help of natural sunlight.
  • Vitamin D 
    • What else needs to be said?

Why Lafferty’s Aluminum and Screening?

Here at Lafferty’s Aluminum and Screening, we can help guide you through the process of choosing and building your perfect Three or Four Season Sunroom. Every Three or Four Season Room comes with our One Year Workmanship Guarantee, so you know your product will be of the highest quality. Call us today at 321-652-1078 for a free quote today. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for more! We can’t wait to see you.