Patio Re-screening




Many residents love spending time outside. They might be taking in the beautiful sun Florida is famous for as they do so. In fact, they can usually be on a screen-enclosed patio or pool deck. With an efficient patio, you get to experience the outdoors as a screen secures your area. Yet, there comes a time when the patio screen you first thought was trustworthy wears out. Call Lafferty Aluminum to schedule a patio rescreening when this trust is fading.

Benefits of Rescreening

It isn’t easy to imagine a Florida home without at least a screened-in patio. If you already have a patio that’s not in the best shape, we would love to help with our patio rescreening services! A premium screen enclosure offers protection from various things. Sun rays and mosquitoes can prevent you from enjoying your space with family and pets. Your screened-in patio has many purposes as a comfortable place for others to gather. Are you still not convinced that rescreening is for you? Here are some of the other benefits a rescreening from Lafferty Aluminum can provide.

Protection Against Bugs and Pests

Screens maintain your patio free from insects and other bugs. With that in mind, they can’t provide the same coverage if damaged or broken. By scheduling a rescreening, your patio will have renewed protection against bugs. You won’t have to worry about them ruining your day of relaxation.

Maintains a Cohesive Aesthetic

Rescreening your patio or pool will help maintain your home’s aesthetic. As a homeowner, you deserve to use your patio throughout the year. Even when it’s not summer, you can enjoy the outdoors all year round with a beautiful and secure patio.

Gives You Peace of Mind

As a homeowner, you should not have to worry about your patio screen failing you . When you invest in rescreening services, you will know that your patio has the best material. You do not have to worry about inadequate protection when you hire our team to rescreen your patio!

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a free rescreening consultation with our team here at Lafferty Aluminum today!

Why You Shouldn’t Wait

When your patio screen is facing damage, the worst thing you can do is wait. If you do not call a repair or rescreening service, the condition of your screen could worsen. Not only that, but the issue can progress if the screen rips or falls out of the picture. With the lack of protected porch windows, bugs can find their way into your space in the nighttime. Often, it is one small tear or rip that can bring chaos to your patio.

Once you have weak and low-quality screening that causes bugs to get in, then it’s time to rescreen. After all, it is a wise choice to have a much higher quality and accessible screen. The rescreening of your enclosures is one of the most frequent services we manage each year. The solution to modernizing your screen enclosure relies on many aspects. After all, many screen room enclosures usually fit your home.

If you need rescreening for your enclosure, look no further than Lafferty’s Aluminum! Our team will be able to rescreen your enclosure as effectively and quickly as possible. Often, we can rescreen your enclosure in less than a day! When you hire our team to rescreen your patio, you hire a team that will give you the best screen in Brevard County. 

Repair or Rescreening: Which Is Best For You?

Contrary to popular belief, repair and rescreening services are distinct from one another. This difference lies in several factors. Because of this, homeowners usually debate on which service is right for them. Some of the factors that go into investing in either repair or rescreen services include:

  • Size and range of the damage
  • General age of the screen and its condition
  • Integrity of the framework of the aluminum or steel patio enclosure 

Thankfully, you have the Lafferty Aluminum team by your side. During our free consultation, we will observe your patio and its screen with ease. After our inspection, we will be able to determine which service is best for your screen. Whether you invest in repair or rescreening, you will get the highest quality service.

Tips For Preparing Your Porch

After you schedule your rescreening appointment, expect a representative to contact you further. We will discuss specific details on your installation. How exciting! After this conversation, it is time to start preparing for the installation. Here are some tips to help you stay focused when preparing your porch for the screening.

  • Talk to your neighbors and family about the project
  • Make sure all pets stay indoors
  • Trim hedges and other landscaping

Schedule Your Free Rescreening Consultation Today

If you need rescreening services, call our team here at Lafferty Aluminum. We are experts in our craft and will be able to not only repair your screen but leave it more robust than it ever was. Give us a call at 321-652-1078 or use our online contact page. We will do our best to help you in any way we can. Contact us online or call us at 321-652-1078 to book an appointment today. Learn more telltale signs that you should replace your fence or if you need advice on your fence. You can also stay connected with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. No matter how you reach our team, we guarantee the highest quality screening in Palm Bay.