Hurricane Screen Repair


Here in Florida, we are no strangers to hurricanes and other storms. We understand the amount of destruction they are capable of bringing. Unfortunately, sometimes that destruction directly affects you and those you know. Brevard County is particularly prone to storms, as we live right by the Atlantic Ocean.

As Floridians, our team here at Lafferty’s Aluminum and Screening understands the importance of hurricane repair services. That is why we offer a number of different hurricane screen repair services for your screens. Your screened-in enclosures can withstand lots of damage during storms. When it happens, call our team of experts so you can go back to enjoying your enclosure the way you are meant to.

Screen Room Repairs

If your screen room was damaged during a hurricane or another type of storm, it is crucial that you get it repaired as soon as possible. Leaving it damaged not only poses a danger to you and your family, but it also can end in a domino effect of damages to your actual home. If you are in need of a trusted company that understands how important your screen room is, contact our team here at Lafferty’s Aluminum and Screening today.

Season Room Repairs

Three and Four Season Rooms are different from other types of enclosures since they utilize glass windows in their design. That makes it even more important to be prepared as possible when a hurricane comes your way. We recommend getting hurricane panels to help protect your season room windows from the elements. However, we understand that there is still a chance that you find yourself needing a repair. In these cases, we are able to get your season room back to normal quickly and efficiently.

Pool Screening Repairs

Your pool is one of the most important things you need to protect when a hurricane or other major storm comes your way. That is because it can overflow with water, potentially causing severe damage to your home if water damage occurs as a result. Not only that, but you also need to try and prepare your screening as well as possible. If you find yourself with major wear and tear on your screening, our team of rescreening and repair experts at Lafferty’s Aluminum and Repair are here to help.

Hurricane Screen Repair in Brevard County, Florida

When you find yourself needing to have an emergency repair to your screen, our team is available. We only hire the most highly skilled experts in the area, so you can rest easy knowing that your repairs are being made by the best people possible. If you need a screening repair, call our team today at 321-652-1078 to schedule a consultation and appointment. Or check out our Facebook page for some of our more recent work! Here at Lafferty’s Aluminum and Screening, we are committed to making sure that you can get back to the screen enclosure you love.