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Although some items throughout your property can get repaired or installed by yourself, screen enclosures should get left up to the professionals. Every step must get done correctly, or else you’ll only see problems form fast.

Whether you fail to measure the site correctly, or the surface doesn’t get pulled taut enough, it allows the material to pull away from where it should remain secured. And when that happens, you wind up paying for the same job several times over.

From inexperienced installation teams to cheap screen materials, there are too many things that can go wrong with your job. Instead, our team offers more than 30 years of screen enclosure installation and repairs, providing you with the best contractors possible each time.

Why risk a poor-quality installation again when we can save you more on every project? Choose us for your household’s needs and enjoy lasting quality today.

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When area homeowners need help securing their household, they turn to us for better results. No matter the area you need enclosed or its dimensions, we can best assist you with added privacy and security that lasts.

No one else provides the level of skill or experience that our team has, giving you the superior quality of service that you deserve. Hiring our contractors means never having to worry about what happens once we leave, and you can still rely on us for better results.

If you need to know that your home remains in the best hands around, you need our contractors today. Call Lafferty Aluminum and Screening for the trusted screen enclosure installers when you’re trying to find “screen enclosures near me”.

No one else protects your home and family for less than Lafferty Aluminum and Screening does each time.

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    If you have a screen in Florida then you have likely also known the stress of when wear and tear starts to take its toll on your screen. Whether it is for your front porch, back porch, or surrounding your pool a screen is for many people essential. That’s why you should contact our services when you are preparing for home improvement projects.

    It is perfect for putting a barrier between your home and unwanted pests such bugs like wasps. It gives you a bit of shade and creates an opportunity to sit on your porch or patio in the cooler evenings watching the sun go down. Screens can feel like an essential part of life in Florida.

    Screens can also rip and tear. That same wildlife it is keeping out can create a need for screen repair by causing rips. No part of your home will take as much damage from the elements as your screen. With the sun baring down, the wind ripping through, and rain pelting on it throughout the summer. All of this happens and home improvement seems like a must, especially after hurricane season.

    Luckily screens are pretty thick and strong material made to withstand all of this. Usually they will, but eventually you will be in need of repair, because time will always win out in the end. Your screen is like anything else. As time wears on the material in it weakens until eventually small tears begin to form. Those small tears can eventually turn into larger rips that is why it is important to schedule screen enclosure repair when it happens.

    What Are Signs I May Need a Screen Repair?

    If your screen is still holding strong then you shouldn’t be in need of screen repair, but if you are the kind of person who is cautious and wants to always be prepared for situations, like screen repair and other home improvement preparation, then there are a few questions you should be asking yourself.

    How Old Is My Screen?

    Have you had your screen ever since your home was built? Is your screen starting to approach 20 years old? If so, congratulations on keeping it in such great shape, but you may want to be prepared for the inevitability of a tear appearing soon and when that does you can call us for screen enclosure repair.

    Have There Been Any Large Storms Like Hurricanes Lately?

    While screens are made to last we know from living in Florida that sometimes the elements have different plans for us. Hurricanes and large storms can do damage to a screen even if it is brand new and made with fiberglass holding it together. This is why it is always a good idea after a major storm to do a self investigation of your screen and home for obvious damage. Let us help jump-start some of your home improvement projects.

    Have I Noticed Bugs Getting Into the Screen More Often Than Normal?

    This is Florida so bugs are going to find their way in no matter how hard you try, but we also know the difference between a bug finding its way in every once in awhile and seeing them all the time. If you are noticing more bugs than usual then you could have an unnoticed tear somewhere in your screen that is letting all of them in.

    Are There Any Tiny Smaller Rips?

    Tiny rips are a sign of age and damage to the screen. They might not be a problem right now, but as time goes on those rips are going to grow. One day you are going to look at your screen and see a giant hole where that tiny little rip used to be. Be wary of small damage.

    If your screen is on the older side or has been through a lot of heavy storms lately then there is a possibility that you will soon be in need of screen enclosure repair. If you are noticing an increase of bugs finding their way behind your screen then there could be a hole of some kind they’re entering through and it is worth looking for. Sometimes there are smaller rips that you haven’t noticed. Many things can be overlooked while doing home improvement.

    When Should You Get Your Screen Repaired?

    The best time to get a screen enclosure repair is when you know for certain that you are in need of one. It is possible to just patch the screen, but they typically do not look very good and if you already have one hole it is likely you are going to have more appear soon. When a hole appears soon you may want to consider replacing the entire screen.

    When holes do begin to appear in your screen it is best to not delay before you go about having it repaired. As the screen rips the threads will eventually move down the rest until you have a giant, ugly looking, hole in your screen. Go ahead and have it repaired. You will be happier this way.

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    If you are in the need of excellent screen repair in central Florida then give those of us at Lafferty Aluminum and Screening a call. We are experts in our craft and will be able to not only repair your screen but leave it stronger than it ever was for quality home improvement. Contact us online or call us at 321-652-1078 and book an appointment today to learn more. Stay connected on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. We will do our best to help you in any way we can.

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