Screen Enclosures

As a homeowner living in Brevard County, you know that having a patio screen enclosure for your home is highly beneficial. Your home is indeed not a typical “Florida Home” until it has a quality screen enclosure installed. This line of thinking is because a screen enclosure can help you enjoy the beautiful outdoors in style and comfort. 

However, locating a professional Melbourne, FL company that knows how to get your job done correctly is not something as simple. Many companies claim that they are the best, but they often fail to live up to expectations. All too often, a service provider favors getting a job done quickly over quality. They often claim that they can save you more in the end, but this often results in a lousy job. When they don’t replace the screen sheeting just right, you see issues within days. This problem is not the only one you might find. A faulty repair can even worsen the quality or effectiveness of your screen. 

Screen Enclosures in Melbourne, FL

That is why you need to find a company that will get the job right the first time. The only guaranteed way to know that all your screen enclosures remain in the best hands is by choosing our team here at Lafferty’s Aluminum and Screening. For more than 30 years, we have been helping area homeowners find the level of privacy and security that they need the most. If you are interested in installing an excellent screen enclosure for your home, our team will get the job done. Our team of screening experts offers several different enclosures to choose from. No matter what you want, we can install it.

Why spend more on a poor-quality enclosure that you would receive from anyone else when we continue serving you for less? Call us now at 321-652-1078 and hear more about how we can assist you best today. Our consultations are free, so you do not have to worry about being charged simply for talking to us.

Why Hire Lafferty?

Our team is known for our durable and practical screen enclosures throughout the Melbourne, FL, area. When you have area enclosures installed, it keeps your loved ones safe and keeps debris out in the process. Not only will it keep your favorite area clear and safe, but it also helps to provide shade as well. Many people are grateful that they have a screen enclosure installed at their home because it allows them to enjoy the outdoors while staying comfortable.

It is not enough to request an enclosure, however. Screen enclosures have specific requirements that must get met, including those set by your Homeowner’s Association or HOA. It takes an experienced contractor to install them correctly on the first try. Cheap repair kits might sound enticing, but poor-quality installers could fail to keep your family safe in the process. You never have to worry about the level of quality we achieve. We will work with your HOA to ensure that we are meeting their requirements for an enclosure. No matter what the circumstances are, the team here at Lafferty Aluminum & Screening is committed to giving you a quality product that you and your family will love for years to come.

Pool Screen Enclosures

It may come as no surprise that many homes here in Brevard County have pools. However, you might notice that the vast majority of these pools have a screen enclosure protecting them. Installing a screen enclosure around your pool can allow you and your family to enjoy swimming year-round. A screen enclosure around your pool gives you the ability to create shading around your pool and keeps debris, mosquitoes, and bugs from getting into your pool. 

It’s crucial to hire a highly experienced company to install your pool screen enclosure. In addition, they should freely share all the projects they’ve completed and the materials they’ve used. This openness is the only way to identify the actual versus phony pool enclosure companies in your location. When you can’t afford to leave your pool unprotected, we provide the security you need the most. Call us today for the expert choice in swimming pool enclosures for your house.

Porch Screen Enclosures

Few things feel as refreshing as watching the sunset from the convenience of your screen enclosure porch. However, unless you keep it enclosed, you will be viewing the skies with hungry mosquitoes and annoying gnats buzzing around you.

When you have an enclosed stern porch, it creates privacy, security, and value to your home’s front areas. It also creates the perfect place to set up a rocking chair, entertain friends and family, or enjoy a few quiet minutes alone.

Your enclosed porch provides lasting southern charm to any home, as well as helps to keep your home safer. You’ll have an easier time keeping out pests and wandering eyes without sacrificing your curb appeal.

If you are sick of not having a buffer between your house’s front entrance and the outside world, your new stern porch solves all your needs fast. Contact us for your best screen enclosures today. We also specialize in front porch entryway and foyer remodels, repairs, and screenings.

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There is no reason to settle for poor-quality pre-made kits and poor-quality materials from your hardware retailer. Our experienced contractors ensure the highest quality possible on every job that you hire us on every day.

No one else protects your home and family for less than Lafferty Aluminum, and Screening does each time. Contact us about our quality fences in Palm Bay, FL, and Melbourne, FL.