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Considering a revamp to your patio or pool area? Lafferty Aluminum and Screening recommend a new repavement! We offer both stone and concrete pavements, but determining which one is right for you can be tricky. Follow this guide to learn more about both services and how we can help give your patio a fresh new look as Residential Concrete Contractors.

What Are Pavers?

Pavers are stones that you can set onto the ground to create paths or a more stable walkway. These can bring a lot of appeal and value to your home, while also giving your space a whole new look.

Stone Pavers

If you want a more natural look for your area, stone pavers are the way to go. Now this poses a new challenge, as there are many stones you can choose from. Some stones that are commonly used for these pavers include limestone and slate. Once you have chosen the type of stone you want to be used for your pavers, now it is time to choose your pattern. There are two pattern methods you can choose from:

Flat-Topped Uniform

This method allows the stone to create symmetrical patterns for a more uniform look for your patio or pool area.

Rough-Edged Irregular

This method allows the stone to create rugged patterns for a more natural look.

It is important to note that more labor is needed to install stone pavers than other types of pavers. This is due to their shape and thickness. Stone is also known to be slightly more expensive due to the excavation of the stone. They are also prone to discoloration and shifting, which could cause future problems.

Concrete Slabs

There are a variety of different concrete slabs for you to choose from. These are usually produced as rectangular blocks, but can be produced as irregular shapes as well for a more Mediterranean aesthetic. This is discussed further in the Pavers section. What makes concrete pavers so appealing is their variety of different colors; these pavers can be painted and stained to whatever colors best fit your area.

Like stone, concrete slabs have their own types of cons associated with them. These fall on the difficulty to pave them, as lots of labor and grading is required. Thankfully, other side effects such as weather and age can be treated by us at Lafferty Aluminum and Screening. We will help maintain the beauty of your slabs with the best service possible.

Stone and Concrete Installation

Tackling a repavement by yourself is tricky. Here are the ten steps that we at Lafferty Aluminum and Screening take to make sure the installation of your stone or concrete is of the best quality possible:

Planning and Layout

We draw out our plans first. This is important because it gives us an idea of where to pave. Having this area completely cleared of all items and debris is crucial. It is also important to outline this area with markers.

Calculating Amount of Pavers Needed

We usually add five percent to the square footage of the area provided because this allows us to account for corners and curves.


This process establishes the exact boundaries of the paving process. To allow water drainage, it is important that all slabs must slope away from the house. Mark the excavation carefully and create a temporary border to protect outside forces from altering the work done.

Base Material

The base material is made up of crushed rock, which helps compact the materials used. It is important to divide the base into three layers to achieve the best results.

Edge Restraints

It is important to install restraints for your edges since unsecured pavers are prone to separate.

Sand Bedding

The base material is given a layer of bedding sand to help settle the pavers.

Laying Pavers

Now, here comes the fun part. It is time to lay the pavers down. Place them in the order and design you have planned. Make sure they are close together. If the pavers need to be cut, the appropriate equipment must be used.

Sand Joints

Sand is then poured onto the pavers. This helps secure the joints and locks the pavers into place. Make sure that fine sand is used instead of coarse sand.


A sand binding sealant is used to stick the sand into place. This also helps the pavers in the long run, as they help prevent weeds and algae from growing in between the cracks.


It is important to re-seal your pavers regularly. However, do not power wash your pavers, as the sand could potentially dislodge.

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