Patio Re-screening

It’s a fact that you want to love spending time outside on your screen-enclosed patio or pool deck while you live in Florida. You get to experience the beautiful Floridian outdoors while being protected by a screen that keeps your area cool and keeping out bugs and animals. It is difficult to imagine a Florida home without at least a screened-in patio. Our services include adding a screen to your patio, but if you already have a patio that’s not in the best shape we would love to help you with our patio re-screening services! Contact us today!

Getting an aluminum screen patio or porch enclosure gives you so many benefits! For you and your house, a premium screen enclosure offers protection from intense sun rays, mosquitoes and provides a cozy space to rest with family and pets. You will be able to use your screened-in patio for a number of different purposes, including a comfortable place for friends and family to hang out.

Our patio screens hold out bugs! Screens maintain your patio free from insects and other bugs, but can not provide the same coverage if yours is damaged or broken. However, sometimes your screen ends up losing its effectiveness. Whether this is due to environmental or physical issues, your screen will eventually not work as well as it used to. Unfortunately, you can prepare as much as possible to prevent this wear, but it is usually inevitable. 

The issue only worsens if the screen is ripped or falls out of the picture. With the lack of protected porch windows, in the night time, bugs will drive you indoors. Once you have weak and low-quality screening that causes bugs to get in, then it’s time to re-screen, it’s a wise choice to have a much higher quality and accessible screen. The re-screening of your patio and pool enclosures is one of the most frequent services we manage each year. The solution to modernizing your screen enclosure relies on many aspects, as many screen room enclosures have been specially built to fit your home. 

If you are in need of a rescreening for your patio enclosure, look no further than our team of rescreening experts here at Lafferty’s Aluminum and Screening! We will be able to rescreen your enclosure as effectively and quickly as possible. In many cases, we can rescreen your enclosure in less than a day! When you hire the Lafferty’s team to rescreen your patio, you are hiring a team that will give you the best screen in Brevard County. 

Repair or Re-screen The Patio Enclosure?

This is one of the first questions several homeowners raise in circumstances like this is, “Can that just simply be repaired, or should I go for a patio re-screening?” That’s a wonderful question, and that really varies depending on:

  • The magnitude and range of the damage
  • The general age of the screen and its condition
  • The integrity of the framework of the aluminum or steel patio enclosure. 

Advantages of Re-screening

Re-screening the enclosure of your patio or pool will help bring on your home’s aesthetic appeal while certainly pushing off problematic bugs and unwelcome leaves and dust. Throughout the year, enjoy your fresh and well-maintained, insect-proof screening on your patio, which is important to relax and enjoy your outdoor comfortable room. 

Not only that, but rescreening will also give you peace of mind. You will live comfortably knowing that your patio is screened with the best material around. You do not have to worry about ineffective protection when you hire our Lafferty’s team to rescreen your patio!

If you are in the need of excellent screen repair in central Florida then give those of us at Lafferty Aluminum and Screening. We are experts in our craft and will be able to not only repair your screen but leave it stronger than it ever was. Give us a call at 321-652-1078 or use our online contact page. We will do our best to help you in any way we can.

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