Factors to Determine the Need for a Screen Repair or Re-Screening

Lafferty Aluminum - April 16, 2021 - 0 comments

Unfortunately, having your screen enclosure be damaged in some way is a certainty, especially here in Florida. While these damages might not affect the infrastructure, the screen itself could end up needing some TLC. The question that remains is whether to get it repaired or re-screened.

Our team here at Lafferty can help you answer this question. We are committed to ensuring that our clients get the best products and services for their screen enclosures. We will be able to guide you towards the most suitable choice for your damaged screen using three crucial factors. 

Type of Damage Present

Some screen damages can be fixed quickly and without the need for a re-screen. These damages are often minor and are usually in the middle of the screen, not around the infrastructure edges. If your screen’s injury sounds similar to this, then a repair can do the trick. However, if the damage is extensive or fraying at the enclosure edges, a re-screening is the best choice for you.

Age and Condition 

The older the screen is, the more likely it is that you need to have it re-screened. This is because investing in repair services on older screens is more costly, as multiple repairs will be required due to age. On the other hand, newer screens that sustain damage can most likely get away with a simple repair, as they are more durable.

Framework Integrity 

We have gotten many clients that have complained about their frameworks being poorly constructed or installed. Even if you did not get your enclosure framed and installed by our team here at Lafferty Aluminum, we could work on it for you! Having a reliable frame for your screen enclosure is always essential, especially regarding any damage your screen may have had. If it is an older frame, it might be risky for a full re-screen to take place. On the other hand, newer structures should be able to be re-screened relatively normally.

Fix Your Screen with Lafferty Aluminum 

Call our team here at Lafferty Aluminum and Screening today at (321) 652-1078. Our team of experts will determine what screen service is best for you and your home. Not only that, but we offer many other services, such as screen door replacement and repair in case your installation finds itself in need of inspection.

So what are you waiting for? Call us today or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.

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