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Shadowbox Fencing

Are you tired of people being able to see into your backyard? Do you just enjoy walking around your backyard with a shirt off, or maybe you want something that adds a little more visual representation of where your property ends and begins. Whatever the reason a fence is a fantastic personal investment that will leave you feeling safe and comfortable in your own backyard. Especially if it’s a shadowbox fence.

If you are looking for a durable, yet stylish wooden fence for your backyard, the shadowbox has got your back. The shadowbox is great for keeping out any nosy neighbors you may have while they walk by and will also provide a lot of great aesthetic value to your home.

When you walk by a home you might not realize it, but you are probably more likely to have your eyes drawn towards a shadowbox fence. This is because the shadowbox adds a visual effect to it that is eye catching. It is meant to not only provide privacy, but increase the overall style of your yard and home.

What is it that makes shadowbox fencing so incredible? Well, allow us to explain.


At first glance, you can see the appeal of the shadowbox. Both sides of the fence are aligned with pickets of the same height and width, angled so that air flows through the structure. It provides more privacy than a regular wooden fence, but we do want to mention that if you look through it at the right angle you can see through it, but you would need to be pretty close up to do this.

The tips of the fence can be customized into four different shapes:

  • Straight
  • Dog Ear
  • French Gothic
  • Gothic

This variety in fencing allows you an opportunity to really get creative. Maybe your neighbor has a shadowbox fence and you were impressed. So you called us up to install one yourself. Well, if you do not feel comfortable copying their design you can always use a different one. This variety and creativity can also help with house value.

How To Prepare

So you have decided you want a shadowbox fence. Fantastic! However, if you want to install the best quality fence for your home then here are a few tips for when you are preparing for installation.

Identify your property line

You need to know where your fence is able to go before you install one. If you plan on having your fence a certain way only to discover shortly after installation that you are violating your neighbor’s property that could be problematic. You also likely want to leave yourself plenty of space to walk around. So identify where your property line is, how far you want your fence to extend, and what your plans are for utilizing the fence once it is installed.

Clear some space

On the day of the installation, you do not want everyone to come over so they can start installing the fence you requested only to discover that the fence cannot be installed because you left your garden hose stretched out the night before. If there are objects in the middle of your yard we will either have to move them ourselves or they could potentially be damaged during the installation process of your fence. This is why it is always a good idea to remove any potential hazards or equipment before having a new fence such as a shadowbox fence installed.

If you are unsure about making your fence work around a tree or bush then let us know and we can consult with you on the matter, if it needs to be removed, and what that process would look like.

Benefits Of A Shadowbox Fence

A shadowbox fence in particular has major benefits over a standard wooden fence, because of the way it is designed. It creates a little more privacy than a standard wooden fence and is far better at preventing neighbors from seeing into your backyard than a chain link fence. There are other benefits too of course.


In a place like Florida getting proper airflow is incredibly important for keeping cool. Especially in your backyard. When you are spending time in your backyard you want the ability to feel a cool breeze on a summer day. You do not want to feel like you are baking alive and that is one of the major benefits of a shadowbox fence. It creates that airflow for you so when you are spending time in your backyard you are feeling comfortable.

It Raises Your Home Value

The best way to raise your home value is generally to have a home that, upon being purchased, already comes with plenty of attributes that a homeowner would want. The process of adding a fence for privacy is one, but a shadowbox fence pushes your home value even higher. Shadowbox fences are stylish by nature and as a result, can raise your home value. Especially if the style is one that many people find aesthetically pleasing.

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Are you considering installing a wooden fence? Why not make it a shadowbox fence. All of us at Lafferty Aluminum and Screening can work with you to get you the perfect shadowbox fence for you. Pick a design you love and get ready to fall in love with your beautiful fence.

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