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Modern Pergolas

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Having an outdoor oasis to spend time with your friends and family is something every homeowner should have. If you are looking for the perfect piece to complete your backyard, a modern pergola might be that. A pergola is an enhancement to your space that looks serene and can add value to your home. Lafferty Aluminum is here to ensure you know all the reasons why modern pergolas can change the whole vibe of your outdoor space! Contact us today if you are ready to discuss details about your new favorite hang-out spot.

Make your backyard the place everyone talks about. Have one of the pieces that everyone wishes they had first. Be the one to treat yourself and make a space you can enjoy for yourself and others!

What Makes it Modern?

A modern pergola is a backyard shade covering and opening supported by columns or posts. Think of it as your backyard getaway! Modern pergolas are often built out of vinyl to last longer and require less maintenance. Pergolas may be freestanding or attached directly to the home. It depends on what style you are looking for and how you want to set up your backyard oasis. There are many features, and you can have as many or as little as you want to make your pergola just right!

Let your yard tell you what it wants. Take a moment to look at your space and decide on the size and style of your pergola. And then you start your design. Making such a significant change can be challenging, so you want to ensure all the details are in place. Our professionals help make sure everything comes out just the way you want it to. We can help you make confident decisions that make it more modern looking and features that give you the best looking pergola around.

Add Value to Your Yard

If you ask yourself how modern pergolas add value to your home, it is simply because it adds more living space. However, the cost of your pergola does come into consideration here. Wood is the most commonly used material, though it depends on the type of wood used to price out a complete project. Not all pergolas are the same, and each one has features that make it unique. With the additions you choose, it comes with a price. Lafferty Aluminum is here to help you decide on a budget and stick to it.

Adding a pergola to your yard allows you the space to enjoy the outdoors. You will have somewhere to entertain guests, sip coffee and read a good book. You can take in the fresh air and natural sounds outside, no matter the weather. Let yourself create something beautiful for your entire family to enjoy with Lafferty Aluminum’s help!

Additional costs with building a pergola: 

Other than material, here are the factors that can affect the final price of your pergola.

  • Size
  • Design Type
  • Accessories: nets, drapes, screens, etc.

It is essential to know the options of materials you can choose from and pick something that is best for the area in which you live. Consider all options and ask any questions you may have because our professionals at Lafferty Aluminum are here to put together a beautiful modern pergola for your home. Having a place to relax and unwind in your backyard makes a difference in your crazy life. Sometimes you want to be outside but stay covered from the weather. A pergola is the best solution and can be an affordable option when you work with a professional to design one that fits your needs.

Modern Pergolas are Weather Permitting

Pergolas can have a louvered roofing system. A louvered roof can be opened and closed to regulate the amount of sun/shade you receive while sitting under your pergola. It is essential to know that this is a motorized feature. These are becoming more and more popular with a specific aesthetic and functional value.

If you choose not to have a motorized pergola, a louvered roof has slats that can do the same. Of course, this all depends on the type of design you are looking for. And What is going to work best for your space. You should consider what time of day you would like to spend time in your backyard, how often you will be entertaining guests, and what type of pergola will best fit your family.

Design A Modern Pergolas with Lafferty Aluminum

All in all, adding a pergola to your backyard can bring beauty and value to your home. A well-thought-out designed pergola can give your yard character. Let your personality shine through your oasis you have created to give yourself a space of relaxation! Our professionals can help you pick the suitable material and design features based on what you are looking for to make it the perfect pergola for your home.

The beauty is in the simplicity and design. Our installation is an easy process, and we work with our customers in every way. When you decide to add a pergola to your yard, we are here to ensure you get every bit of the design experience.

Get in touch with us today to start your design. We have professionals who can help you make the decisions you are having trouble with. You can call us at (321) 652-1078 or message us online!