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Aria Trellis Pergolas

Enjoy the Shade

An Aria Trellis Pergola provides partial shade and beautiful decoration to your backyard. Our pergolas are durable and made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with a tough powder coat finish. Lafferty Aluminum is here to show why a shaded pergola is an excellent addition to your home. Get in touch with us today to start designing your pergola! 

Benefits of a Shaded Pergola 

The Aria Trellis Pergola is one of the only fully open structural systems of its kind. Some of the benefits you receive when adding a shaded pergola to your yard are: 

  • Unlike thinner metal systems, the Aria is designed to last a lifetime! 
  • With a shade lattice tube, the Aria can provide between 60% and 10% shade. 
  • An Aria Trellis Pergola can be built virtually to any shape or size, so let your design instincts go wild! 
  • The Aria is for sure a backyard pleaser. What more could you ask for than shade and style! Our pergolas are built with strength and lifetime durability to fit your home’s needs. 

With one of these in your yard, you will have a place to relax and enjoy the sun, not too much but just enough to read a good book or have a sip of coffee before starting your day! Aria Trellis Pergolas add elegance and style to any backyard décor. 

Details About Your Aria Trellis Pergola


One of the first steps when looking into pergolas is where you would like to put your pergola in your yard. Are you looking for shade over your pool, lounge chairs, fire pit seating area, or an outdoor grill? Lafferty Aluminum is here to guide you through the process and ensure you get the best pergola that will last you a long time! Our pergolas are designed from scratch to be suitable for freestanding construction or attached to your home patio. 


Once you have decided where you would like your pergola, we can attach a privacy wall made from the same shade tubes as Aria’s roof on any side of your structure. These walls can support mounted TVs, decorative lights, and fans while turning the focus inside – instead of at your neighbors. 


You can choose to have a more traditional pergola by installing a truss on top of the main beam. Or go a more modern route with our “flush truss” system to keep your pergola low profile. Whichever you choose, it will be the right look for your home! Our professionals can help you decide and explain to you what will work best for your specific needs. 

Pros and Cons to Consider For an Aria Trellis Pergola


  • Beautiful exposed-beam structure 
  • Shade tubes that create a lattice to block the sun’s heat 
  • Low Maintenance Materials: less time working and more time to enjoy your space 
  • High-Quality Finish: Last longer 


  • The Aria does allow rain to pass through. So if you are looking for an all-weatherproof cover, check out our other options!  

Why an Aria Trellis Pergola is Right for Your Yard 

Adding a pergola to your backyard will give you a great space to entertain guests and enjoy more time outside! Pergolas have a way of making your space look fresh and new. The materials we use are durable and made to last. 

Do you ever look at your yard and wonder- What’s missing? It is a pergola to shade some of your yard while everything else cooks in the sun. You want to have a space to relax. Somewhere you can entertain, have meals outside and kick back to live in the moment! A pergola adds the perfect touch of personality and growth to your backyard because the materials you choose are part of the decor. Trust your instinct when you see a pergola style you like, and bring the idea with you to us, and we will create something special! 

Create Your Pergola with Lafferty Aluminum 

We are here to help you find a shaded pergola that fits your backyard needs. Our professionals are here to tell you many things customers do not know about pergolas! If you have a design idea in mind and want to change the look of your backyard, let us know, and we can help you turn it into everything you wish. 

Lafferty Aluminum wants to ensure each customer gets the pergola that goes with their design and fits perfectly into their yard. Contact us by phone at 321-652-1078 or leave us a message to set up your estimate today!