7 Ways To Make Your Pool Enclosure Area Even More Beautiful

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With summer just around the corner, pool areas and outdoor spaces will soon be in full use. Maybe the kids will have all of their friends over, or maybe you just want your own quiet place to relax. Either way, it’s time to step up the look of your pool area!

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Get Started On Your Outdoor Space With These Tips

If you’re looking for ways to step up your summer game, why not start in your own backyard? Chances are, you’ve got a project or two just waiting to be finished on your back porch or by your poolside that could give your outdoor living area a whole new look. Try one (or all) of these seven ways to bring new life to your outdoor space this summer:

Get Creative With Your Lighting

One of the easiest ways to give your outdoor space new life is to change up your lighting. Installing exciting new light fixtures, hanging weatherproof string lights, or installing color-changing pool lights are just a few ways to make your poolside escape all the more exciting. You could hang an outdoor chandelier, add floater lights to the pool, or even try fiber optics to light up your space, even at night. 

Incorporate Greenery – Both Inside & Out

Most people forget that poolside spaces and back porches still need some life as well. Adding a few strategically placed potted plants, flower boxes, or even a few home garden boxes can bring life to your pool area while also increasing its beauty. Small palms, yucca, agave, aloe, succulents, and other full-sun plants are great options to either landscape with or place in pots. Once you’ve placed your plants inside your pool area, don’t forget the outside, too! Landscape with shrubs or bushy trees to create privacy around your pool enclosure, and supplement with ornamental grasses or ground cover.

Step Up Your Outdoor Furniture

If you’ve got white, plastic outdoor furniture, it’s time to up your game. Plastics can break down extremely quickly when exposed to sun and weather, and while they are cheaper upfront, they will cost much more in the long run to replace. Finding higher-quality furniture that looks nice will not only save you in the end but will also upgrade your poolside to luxury levels. Hardwoods that have been treated with weatherproof materials, composite, lumber, stainless steel, and other high-grade materials built to last will be your best friend. You can pick and choose from lounge chairs, day beds, end tables, umbrellas, outdoor dining sets, and more.

Incorporate Water Features

For a truly luxurious feel, try incorporating a water feature or two. Not just for landscaping, these can also be added to pools in the form of fountains or waterfalls. They come in many different designs, and you can even use jets or power streams throughout the pool to add life to the otherwise still water (goodbye, mosquitos!). Alternatively, you could have a bubbling fountain outside of your pool for a serene atmosphere.

Add a Fire Pit or Grill

Another way to have fun on your patio is to add a fire pit or grill. A fire pit is an easy way to gather with friends to hang out, plus you can roast marshmallows or hotdogs! If you have enough space, you can make a whole space out of a fire pit alone, with a set of matching comfortable seats. Fire pits add beauty and function to space, but they aren’t the only ones; adding a grill can be a great alternative. Grills are easier to incorporate, and take up less space. With a grill, you can cook different foods, and if you have an outdoor dining area, you can have an outdoor barbeque with all your friends and family for an idyllic summer day and jump in the pool when it gets too hot.

Fix or Revitalize Your Screen Enclosure

If you’re spending lots of time in your back porch area, a tear in the screen or a bent or broken frame can put a damper in the mood. Damaged screen enclosures can let in unwanted pests and debris, defeating the point of having a screen altogether. If you’ve been telling yourself that you need to get that screen enclosure fixed soon, now is the time. Before summer fully rolls in, give the experts a call and get your patio enclosure fixed or upgraded today!

Update Your Fence

When you’re spending lots of time outside, you may start to notice other aspects of your outdoor areas that could use some improvement. If you have a fence, you may notice that it could use some work, or that it doesn’t look as nice as it used to. Perhaps it’s time to tackle that project, too. There are many beautiful styles of fencing to choose from, so updating your fence could give your backyard space a new feeling entirely. If you need an expert in fencing, Lafferty Aluminum & Screening can help with that, too!

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