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Patio Screen Enclosure

Have you ever sat out on your patio and enjoyed some time looking at the clouds, the nature all around you, but looked around and felt like something was missing? Maybe it was too hot, or a bug flew in your face and ruined your moment of relaxation? This wouldn’t happen if you had gotten a ​patio screen installation.

What you were likely missing from that moment was a patio screen. Something to separate you from the pests in the world. Sitting on your patio and enjoying the moment is an incredible part of homeownership that we should all have the enjoyment of experiencing.

Do not be hesitant to install a screen when the option is available to you, contact us for a ​patio screen installation today! Your patio will not only be more beautiful as a result, but you will suddenly be able to do so much more with it. Your home value will increase, more activities will be available to you on your patio, and you can spend so much more time outside than you ever have.


One of the best ways to be prepared for a screen installation is to already have an idea of what kind of screen you want. There are multiple kinds and Lafferty Aluminum and Screening can work with you to help you pick out the perfect one for your ​patio screen installation and what you value most.


A strong and affordable material, aluminum is one of the most popular screen materials thanks to its versatility. It is extremely durable which is important for many Floridians in a state known for hurricanes and thunderstorms, it does come with the downside of being prone to irritating glares. Those glaring issues could lead to a lot of frustration for some homeowners.


A fiberglass screen is one of the most common screen options out there today. A fiberglass screen is long lasting and great for multiple environments. So whether you live with houses behind you or a lake your fiberglass screen will be effective in your ​patio screen installation.


Once you have decided what kind of screen you would like to install it is a good idea to measure it out. That way when you call us you can approach us with knowledge of what screen you want and what size you will need. That information is extremely helpful because it will allow us to better help you and give you what you need.

Of course, this is all a suggestion for your ​patio screen installation. If you are unsure of what screen is best for your situation and why you need to measure then you just need to talk to us. We will know the questions to ask you that will get us the information we need so you can have the perfect patio screen for your home.

Why Install A Patio Screen?

Patio screens are one of those parts of a home that once you install one you cannot believe you went so long without it. The benefits are incredible and will leave you ecstatic with your decision.

Begone Bugs

We might all accept that bugs are a part of Florida, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to avoid them whenever possible. Screened in patios are a good way to keep bugs outside where they belong and not in your face when you are trying to enjoy a nice evening on your patio.

“Outdoor” Activities

Depending on the size of your patio you can use your screened in patio as a way for some makeshift outdoor activities. Put a grill out there, cook up dinner, and then have a family dinner out there. Live by yourself? Eat out there on your own. You are your own person and can do whatever you want. It is your house after all.

Have children and they want to play? They can do so on the patio. They are getting fresh air while at the same time staying away from the dirt and grass. A win-win for everyone.

It Will Raise Your Home Value

Homes with screened in patios have a higher value on the market than those without them. Buyers see it as another benefit the house will come with that they can enjoy. If you live in a home that you plan on selling one day then installing a screen might be worth investing in.

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It’s time to get more in touch with the outdoors and install the perfect patio screen for you. If you are in the need for excellent patio screen installation in central Florida then give those of us at Lafferty Aluminum and Screening a call. We are experts in our craft and will be able to not only repair your screen but leave it stronger than it ever was. Connect with us either through our contact page or through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Give us a call to receive a free quote today our number is 321-652-1078. We will do our best to help you in any way we can.

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    Although some items throughout your property can get repaired or installed by yourself, screen enclosures should get left up to the professionals. Every step must get done correctly, or else you’ll only see problems form fast.

    Whether you fail to measure the site correctly, or the surface doesn’t get pulled taut enough, it allows the material to pull away from where it should remain secured. And when that happens, you wind up paying for the same job several times over.

    From inexperienced installation teams to cheap screen materials, there are too many things that can go wrong with your job. Instead, our team offers more than 30 years of screen enclosure installation and repairs, providing you with the best contractors possible each time.

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